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One of the concerns with ordering an item from America is dealing with any defects or issues with the item. However, Amazon applies their standard return policy to items delivered to Israel as well. In addition, oftentimes you can have the item picked up directly from your home!

Return Policy

Amazon will take returns of unopened items for 30 days. This is their standard policy and applies to all items shipped by Amazon.

Return shipping fee

Assuming the return is due to the fault of Amazon, they will reimburse the shipping fees up to a certain amount. Usually this will cover the entire fee. However, if it doesn’t, contacting Amazon via chat will almost certainly work to have them cover the entire fee.

Return Process

The process to return an item is the same as returning an item to Amazon in the US. Simply go to your order and click “return or replace items.” Choose the reason you are returning the item and the method you’d like to return it with. The options usually allow for both drop-off and pick-up. Then, repack the item in the original box or a new one. At this point, you will be returning it either through pick-up or drop-off, along with the shipping label and return receipt that Amazon gives to you.