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Most Worthwhile Items to Order

In our experience with Amazon shipping to Israel, we have found 4 types of items that are most worthwhile to order from Amazon:

1.    Items you can’t find or hard to find in Israel

The #1 type of item that people try to get “rides” from America for are items they can’t locate here in Israel. Although stores in Israel have started stocking a much bigger variety of American products, Amazon opens the door to a multitude of items that are too hard to find here.

The general categories that contain items that are hard or impossible it find in Israel are:

Beauty and Personal Care

Health and Household

Certain Home and Kitchen subcategories

Many Toys and Game

2.    Bigger or better quality

Toys and Games


Home and Kitchen


3.    Cheaper

Aside from the American products that are cheaper through Amazon, many household essentials are cheaper through Amazon, and are usually better quality. These items span all the categories, from toilet paper to paper towels to mouthwash. We’ve made sure to choose the items in each category that keep the cost of these items down.

4.    Sales and deals

Amazon is constantly running sales and discounting popular items to allow for big savings. This is why we have a page dedicated to Amazon’s deals, updated on a daily basis. As well, you can subscribe to receive our emails so that you never miss a great deal, delivered straight to your door!