Free shipping on orders $49+
Orders under $75 are not taxed


I heard Amazon started shipping to Israel again! What are the details?

Amazon has a Global Shipping program that has been shipping to Israel for quite some time. At the end of 2019, Amazon introduced a program in which they shipped many items to Israel for FREE. Although the free shipping program was on pause for over a year, Amazon has announced that free shipping has resumed! This time though, only orders above $65 of qualified items will ship for FREE. If you’re not currently an Amazon Prime member, you can start your 30-day trial here.

Which items are eligible?

For almost all Amazon categories, there are many items eligible for shipping to Israel. A significant number of them, however, don’t have free shipping. Only select items, marked by the words “FREE Shipping to Israel on qualifying orders over $65” qualify for free shipping.

What about taxes?

Taxes are only charged on orders above $75. Therefore, the best way to take advantage of this offer is to make sure each order is between $65-$75 so as not to pay for shipping nor taxes.

There are definitely some items above $75 that still come out significantly cheaper to buy from Amazon than here in Israel. However, in general, the best deals come from ordering between $65 and $75.

Can I place multiple order back-to-back?

There are varied experiences with orders “being combined”, resulting in the combined order being taxed. Some have experienced that back-to-back orders can cause this, while others have ordered multiple orders with absolutely no issues. If you are worried about paying taxes, you can be safe by waiting until the item from the first order ships before ordering the next order. Or, you can have a spouse or friend order it for you.

How long does it take to get here?

Amazon writes that their “standard shipping” arrives 9 to 14 business days from shipment. It is possible to upgrade the shipping speed; however, it is generally quite expensive to do so.

How do I find the best items that ship to Israel?

This is exactly the question we are looking to answer! We created our website, to take the load of searching for the right items off your shoulders. We have searched through all the Amazon categories to find you the most relevant items that ship to Israel for free. Simply browse through our categories or use our search tool to find the items you want.

Is there any way to search for the items myself?

Certainly. The first step is to set your address in Israel as the default address in your address book. Once set, Amazon will start only showing you items that ship to Israel. However, you must be careful to choose the items that qualify for free shipping to Israel. Just look under the title of the item to see if it says, “FREE Shipping to Israel”. If it does, then you’re in business.

Can I filter items to only show the ones with free shipping?

Unfortunately, not. However, you can rest assured that the items on our site qualify for free shipping.